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To Our Valued Customers

Environment Associates, Inc. believes in the principle of "Continuous Quality Improvement", and we consider
ourselves Industry Leaders in Customer Satisfaction.

While actively seeking ways to enhance our Quality and Technical programs we appreciate and value greatly all customer feedback. Please feel free to contact our Quality Assurance Department directly, at any time, to offer advice, voice a concern or offer a compliment.


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Accelerometers and Cables

We can provide everything you need for your vibration testing.
We can provide Accels, Cables, Charge Amps and Isolators.
Call us today to let us help you with your needs or select from one of the performance items below:

3030C1High Temperature
3035CHigh Temperature
3035CGHigh Temperature
3049DHigh Temperature

EA Refurb Equipment List

Vibration Controllers & Accessories

Environment Associates is a distributor for Dactron Vibration Control Systems. Whether you need a controller to go with one of our reconditioned vibration testing systems or to replace an existing controller in your lab, we can offer outstanding control solutions to fit your needs.

The Comet controller offers economical 2 channel vibration and shock control while the Laser Brand offers up to 16 channels of control for the following test applications:

     • Random • Sine On Random • Random on Random • Sine & Random on Random

     • Swept Sine • Resonance Search • Track & Dwell • Sine Oscillator

     • Classical Shock • Transient Replication • SRS Synthesis

     • Time History Replication (Road Load Simulation)

     • Signal Analysis • Transient Capture • SRS • Modal Data Acquisition

Bring the Real World into the Lab
You can reproduce the "Real World" in the lab by importing field measurements as test provides. This system lets you analyze field recorded PSDs of transportation vibration or time transients for everything from vehicle crashes to test track runs.

On-Line Displays
Assess test results on-line. View response spectra for any or all inputs, alongside other key perfomance functions. Remotely identify data trends using overlays of live data on top of stored historical saved data.

Cursors and Annotation
Full range of cursor, zooming and annotation features that includes single and dual cursors with XY and delta XY readouts, are always available. Insert annotations anywhere on a plot as a historical record.

Virtual Signals
Analysis capabilities by allowing you to create virtual signals. All signals are calculated and displayed live during testing. Export data to Excel for Analysis.

16-Input Control
The LASER USB System is expandable from 2 to 16 input. All inputs samples simultaneously, at rates up to 96kHz with any or all of the 16 inputs.

Accuracy Assured
Data Integrity and test repeatability are crucial for every test. LASER USB System protects against data aliasing and raises accuracy, giving you total confidence in all test results. Programmable gain amplifiers (PGA) on the inputs enhance data accuracy. Each input channel has both analog and digital filters to guarantee full alias protection. On the output, sharp anti-image filters prevent excitation beyond the test frequency range. Drive signals are very pure, with a total harmonic distortion less than 0.2%.

Please contact us and let us help you regarding your shaker and controller needs. We also distribute the full line of Dytran Accelerometers. 

Please contact for more info: Andrew Spaulding,, Phone: 818-709-0568
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