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Reconditioned Check out List

Environment Associates' priority in reconditioning any vibration system is based on our detailed, quality inspection mandates to verify the condition of the equipment and to test to that manufacturer's original performance specifications. We back our quality of service with both parts and labor warranty.

Below is a detailed, reconditioning inpection list for an Unholtz-Dickie T1000 Vibration System:

✔ Dismantle exciter completely
✔ Bead blast all shaker castings, prime and re-paint
✔ Check armature and repair or replace if required
✔ Replace air switch
✔ Pressure test field coils and repair/replace as required
✔ epoxy field coils
✔ Check all wiring and repair/replace as required
✔ Check inner and outer wound coils (stators) and repair/re-wind as required
✔ Re-epoxy inner and outer wound coils (stators)
✔ Replace shear mounts and flexures
✔ Re-assemble shaker
✔ Check all inserts (armature)
✔ Check air-bags (suspension) and repair/replace as required
✔ Check combo-base oil pump and repair as required
✔ Check oil pump fittings and hoses
✔ Check slip plate flatness and repair if required
✔ Check slip plate inserts and repair if required
✔ Check bull-nose/slip plate drive-bar adapter
✔ Check combo-base pneumatic isolation and fittings
✔ Test all fuses and transistors in amplifier
✔ Check preamp and repair if required
✔ Check field power supply and components and repair if required
✔ Check amplifier and shaker cooling systems
✔ Rebuild cooling system pumps
✔ Rebuild water-to-water heat exchanger; replace bell ends, Zincs and gaskets
✔ Check amplifier cooling fans
✔ Rebuild shaker cooling blower
✔ Replace cooling blower ducting
✔ Re-paint amplifier
✔ Check all interconnecting cables and cooling hoses and repair/replace as required
✔ Full force operational check-out, resonance check, armature to current ratio, over-
   travel test
✔ Verify all system interlocks

Please email or fax your requirements, and let us show you how a reconditioned system can be cost competitive and timely.

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