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Environment Associates, Inc. believes in the principle of "Continuous Quality Improvement", and we consider
ourselves Industry Leaders in Customer Satisfaction.

While actively seeking ways to enhance our Quality and Technical programs we appreciate and value greatly all customer feedback. Please feel free to contact our Quality Assurance Department directly, at any time, to offer advice, voice a concern or offer a compliment.


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EA Refurb Equipment List

New Digital Air-Cooled Amplifiers

We provide solutions in converting your old inefficient-high energy cost amplifiers to a new digital amplifier. See the details on how we can help you be more efficient today!
These amplifiers are extremely efficient, durability, rugged and highly reliable amplifiers for a wide range of vibration systems.

  » Operate at almost 94% efficient!!
  » Tremendous power savings
  » Lower Energy Costs

Amplifier Sizes: From 12 kva to 300 kva
Voltages: 220 Volt or 480 Volt
Cooling: Air Cooled

  » Our Digital Amplifiers need a smaller footprint
  » Our systems can provide a direct replacement for your existing amplifier interfaces
     with your existing shaker
  » Built in field power supplies to match your existing shaker field supply
  » Very low distortion
  » High Reliability
  » Built-in system diagnostics
  » On-Site integration and start-up

Please email or fax your requirements, and let us show you how a reconditioned system can be cost competitive and timely.

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