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Environment Associates has performed testing for all supplier tiers in the aerospace market. This testing includes: vibration, temperature, humidity, acceleration, crash safety, altitude, shock and other critical RTCA or MIL-STD tests. See the industry leaders we test for in the Aerospace industry and view a complete listing of our services.
Environment Associates is your complete source for accelerated and durability testing for advanced vehicle testing, to determine the reliability of your interior and exterior products. Environment Associates will be the best choice for your complete testing needs. We service ground vehicles for the Military, General Transportation, Research and Recreational Vehicles. Find out more about our services.
Military Products
Environment Associates has been providing test development and testing expertise for military products for more than 40 years. Your test articles or prototypes will be placed in trusted hands for the most accurate and reliable testing services available. Our staff understands the intent and origins of MIL-STD requirements on ground, marine and air transport components, electronics and products. Find out more about our services.
Consumer Goods
Environment Associates recognizes that actual product use and handling can be much different than expected. The unexpected use can cause high warranty claims and lower brand value. We provide accelerated testing to find potential failure modes with HALT/HASS and other accelerated programs. Let us help you put your test plans together for your product today.
Electronics & Electrical
Environment Associates specializes in providing product testing solutions for electronic devices for aerospace, military, commercial, medical and other applications. We provide solutions in both traditional and accelerated testing. Let us help you with your validation application today.
Alternative Energy Products
Products like solar panels, wind generators and geo-thermal systems require test chambers that can handle their larger size. We have the larger walk-in and specialty chambers to accommodate your particular test. Find out more about our services in this area.
Marine Products
Environment Associates provides custom, specialized testing for marine products, including specialty gages, sending modules and other small to medium size structures. Tests include: salt fog, humidity, wave impact, solar load, water ingress, water splash, water spray, and immersion. Find out more about our services for recreational, commercial and military devices and electronics.
Medical Equipment
Today’s medical equipment is more portable and found in more locations than ever before, such as in emergency vehicles, aircraft and transported by hand. Therefore, medical equipment must go through the same test regimen as any other product for performance and reliability. These devices must operate accurately and without incident for every use. Let us help you test for all environments.
IT Hardware
Laptops, routers, servers, wireless devices, and much more, have their own specialized testing needs. Our specialists can create a specific test program for you.